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Automotive translation is one of the many topics that I am specialized in. If you have any documents about the auto industry that need translation into Dutch, AH Translations in Belgium can take care of it for you. This type of translation needs to be done with the utmost attention to detail considering the importance of the topic. As a perfectionist, I always strive for the best results when working on translations.

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Diverse types of automotive translation

When translating or revisioning texts, it is very important to have knowledge of the technical aspects involved. For automotive translation this means that you need to understand the manufacturing process. Each step uses its own expressions and technical terms. Therefore, it can be difficult to translate this by yourself. To make sure that you end up with a correct automotive translation, you can always send your document, such as a user manual, to me. Thanks to my experience in automotive texts, I have the necessary expertise to translate these documents. I provide translations from Italian to Dutch, as well as English and French to Dutch.

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Is automotive translation not the type of translation that you need? Then contact me today and together we will see what service you require. Who knows if I can help you with a marketing translation or proofreading of communication texts instead. Another service that I provide, is proofreading French texts. Discover quickly what I can do for you by calling me via +32 473 39 82 25 or sending an email to

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