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Book translation services for publishers


Translation into Dutch

Flexible services

Book translation services for publishers can make or break a book. This is why you can always rely on AH Translations in Belgium to provide a professional translation of your book. I pay a lot of attention to the smallest details to make sure I convert your text correctly into Dutch. Afterwards it is immediately ready for publication.

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In what languages do I offer my book translation services for publishers?

As an author or publisher, you are always looking to reach more readers. To make sure your work is accessible for foreign readers, this may mean that you need to translate your books. This is where book translations services for publishers comes in. At AH Translations I offer multiple services, depending on the language. One of the options, for example, is English to Dutch translation. I always stay flexible and customer-oriented while working on translations or revisions, which will benefit the results. Reach even more audiences with my book translation services for publishers!

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When publishing a book, you might need more than my translation services for publishers. Do you have any documents for your press release that need to be converted to Dutch as well? Or do you have PowerPoints for internal communication, product copy’s or email campaigns that need to be proofread? Send them my way and you will receive your translation or revision in no time. For more information you can call me on +32 473 39 82 25 or send an email to

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