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At AH Translations in Belgium, you can always rely on a professional translation service from English to Dutch for all of your documents. Making your own translations can prove to be quite tricky when you are not fluent in the target language. This is exactly why I provide this translation service from English to Dutch for texts about all sorts of topics.

Are you curious about the possibilities?


Why choose my translation service from English to Dutch?

After graduating from a Postgraduate Programme in Specialised Translation, I started my own business. Throughout the years, I have been able to translate and revise many different documents, giving me new knowledge about topics such as:

  • Equestrianism

  • Marketing

  • Communication and journalism

  • Healthcare

  • Food

  • Photography

  • Tourism

With every new translation from English to Dutch, I gain new experience and expand my service. This way I hope to help you even better. You can always come to me with all types of short and long texts, such as press releases, blog posts or annual reports, and expect quality translations.

Discover more of my services

Is a translation from English to Dutch not the service you are searching for? Maybe I can help you with localisation, revision, proofreading and transcription. Should you have any questions about my services, you can contact me on the number +32 473 39 82 25 or send an email to

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