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When you want to be sure that there are no mistakes in your text, you might want to consider contacting a proofreader for your French texts. For this service you have come to the right place at AH Translations in Belgium. I will make sure that all of your documents or translated texts are ready for publication.

Are you in need of a French proofreader?


What does a proofreader pay attention to in French texts?

A proofreader does not simply read your French texts. Everything from spelling, grammar to punctuation and even formatting needs to be checked. If you have been working on this text for a long time, it is normal to read past certain mistakes. A proofreader who looks to the French document from the perspective of an outsider, will be able to pick out these mistakes more quickly. At AH Translations, I will verify all of these different aspects and make sure everything is correctly translated and revised. Of course, I offer many more services, such as automotive translations. You can even send me Italian texts to translate into Dutch.

Contact me today for more information

Is a proofreader for French documents exactly what you are searching for, but do you first want to take a look at the terms and conditions of my services? Feel free to ask me any questions by calling the number +32 473 39 82 25 or sending an email to I would love to help you with translating or proofreading.

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